Need left-handed dog owners? Yeah, we’ve got that.


Successful research is more than great design or insightful questions; successful research hinges on getting the right people in the room. We are continually growing our database to ensure that our clients are getting fresh, well-targeted respondents.

Some key segments include:

  • General Market Consumers
  • Hispanic and Multicultural
  • Moms
  • Teens/children
  • Medical (Physicians & Patients)
  • Luxury Shoppers
  • B2B, including small business owners


Tried and true focus groups are often the way to go, but research is always changing and new ways of collecting data are always emerging.

From traditional to innovative, we offer a full range of services, including:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews (IDIs)
  • Taste tests
  • Central location tests (CLTs)
  • Product placement
  • Usability labs
  • Eye tracking
  • Virtual reality lab
  • Facial coding
  • Biometrics
  • Online communities/bulletin boards
  • In-home ethnographies, shop-alongs, and other on-location research projects



We have an extensive network of English and native Spanish-language moderators. Contact your project manager if you are interested in hiring a moderator for use at Insight Loft or in another market.


Our transcription services come with a standard 48-hour turnaround (rush jobs available as well). Order now.

Videography and Editing

We have a network of professional videographers available for operated and static video. We can edit together highlight reels, which can be used as stand-alone clips or embedded in PowerPoints to bring your research to life.


Need to be in multiple cities? Let Insight Loft handle your research and field management needs. Our recommendations and advice don’t just come from the internet; they come from years of first-hand field experience and relationships with moderators, recruiters, and facilities.

Facility Booking & Management

We will provide objective, independent recommendations for facilities in other markets. We are not affiliated with other facilities and so provide you with our objective recommendations and full-service management.

Recruitment Monitoring

Our team will monitor the field and provide you with daily updates.

Professional Screeners

Your research is only as good as the respondents we deliver. Years of service means we know how questions need to be asked in order to get the right people in the room. Whether you need us to write the screener from scratch or just need us to revise it for different markets, we can handle that.

Market and Travel Recommendations

We will provide directions, as well as hotel and restaurant recommendations, so you can spend your time working instead of Yelping!

Full-Service Research + Consulting

Thanks to our relationship with high-quality research providers, you can also call us when you’re in need of turn-key research. We can deliver full-service research, including project design, moderation, analysis, and consulting. Contact us for more information at or 914.214.2424.