Insight Loft, a Brand New Focus Group and Research Facility, Celebrated Its Opening on September 14 in New Rochelle, NY

A new focus group facility reinvigorates downtown and gives a voice to the diverse community of New Rochelle and Westchester County

Insight Loft, the new focus group facility that opened in the penthouse suite of the Chase Building in downtown New Rochelle, hosted its opening celebration on Thursday, September 14. Guests of the event included New Rochelle mayor Noam Bramson, local leaders and professionals, client-side researchers, and market research providers.

Guests were treated to a wine and cheese reception and a tour of the modern, flexible space. Suitable for all kinds of consumer packaged goods (CPG), hospitality, brand, media, and technology research, the facility has already hosted numerous projects since its August 1 opening.

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson (left) and Howard Horowitz (right)

In his remarks to the guests, Mayor Bramson spoke about the multiple investments being made to develop and reinvigorate New Rochelle’s downtown area and reiterated the city’s goal to make New Rochelle synonymous with innovation. Bramson noted that the design of the Insight Loft space itself—an existing office suite transformed into a high-tech yet inviting and laid back environment—captures New Rochelle’s innovative spirit.

Insight Loft’s President, longtime New Rochelle resident and businessman Howard Horowitz, emphasized the company’s commitment to the city’s diverse, multicultural community and the value of conducting research here, noting, “In our business of research, marketing, and media, multicultural America is America. New Rochelle is the perfect place to connect the rich and robust population of New Rochelle and its surroundings to those who are in the business of researching and developing the products, services, content, communications and technology of today and tomorrow.”

Meredith Falvo, Insight Loft’s Facility Manager

The facility was conceived as a highly flexible space designed to host focus groups, ideation sessions, usability studies, videographies, and other qualitative research. “This facility was a labor of love, built with all of my past clients in mind, making sure that everyone’s needs have been met in this space,” said facility manager Meredith Falvo in her remarks. “We look forward to serving both the national research community and the local professional community in the years to come.”

Insight Loft offers recruitment, hosting, and moderation capabilities in multiple languages, including Spanish, and has the capability to support multi-city projects.  The space is also available for professionals and businesses to host meetings, gatherings, and work sessions. For more information, contact Meredith Falvo at, 914-214-2424, or visit

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